OklahomaView members partner in remote sensing research that impact quality of life in Oklahoma and raise awareness of remote sensing technology, science and applications.

Evaluation of Landsat 8 images for remote sensing of agricultural drought in Oklahoma – a pilot study

This project will further evaluate the algorithms that use Landsat 8 images to evaluate the impact of drought on tallgrass prairie and croplands in Oklahoma which has substantial socio-economic impacts in the state including the loss of billions of dollars in the livestock industry and crop production. Researchers will will process time series Landsat 8 OLI images and then compare them with in-situ data collected at several study sites, including in-situ spectral data collected by ASD FieldSpec@3, soil moisture data collected by COSMOS instrument. Project partners include the University of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State University, and the USDA ARS Grazingland Research Laboratory at El Reno, OK.

2015 Oklahoma Workshop on Remote Sensing Technology and Applications

OklahomaView hosts an annual workshop on remote sensing technology and applications in Oklahoma University of Oklahoma, Norman. This workshop provides a platform for researchers and users in the Oklahoma to communicate, share, and discuss the latest progress in remote sensing technology and application. The 1-day workshop will includes oral presentations and open discussion about remote sensing sensors, algorithms, and data products, as well as user needs. More information is available at